Bridge Deck – Anode Protection

Bridge Deck –   Anode Protection

Owner: Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (Cimarron Tnpk)

System: Anode Protection & Corrosion Testing

Completed:  2002


CSC performed half-cell testing for the OTA due to the fact that they were experiencing a halo effect with the spalling on bridge decks (spalls continuing due to corrosion levels around a new patch).  We took readings and provided the OTA with a map of potential areas that were going to spall in the not too distant future.  We then installed sacrificial galvanic anodes on a 2’ OC pattern around the perimeter of the patches needed at that time and poured back with ready mix concrete.  Anodes allowed for a longer life span of the new patch and aided against further patching around the perimeter of said patch.