ODOT – Cotton Co. – Wood Pile Bridge – E-Glass

Owner: Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation

System: FRP/E-Glass & Epoxy Injection

Completed: 2002


The wood piles on this bridge had begun to rot. We drilled a series of holes, in the piles, removed the dry rotted wood from the interior of the pile (this was done in a staggered pattern in order to keep the bridge open to traffic during the course of the project) by means of sandblasting. Excavation was done (for a few feet) around the piles to obtain better continuity within the repair. The voids were filled with a pea gravel aggregate, wrapped with an e-glass fabric (impregnated with epoxy resin), epoxy resin was injected from the bottom to the top of the pile to create an epoxy mortar (with the pea gravel) on the interior and fill cracks within the pile and finally the piles received a UV resistant coating to aid against the elements.