OTA – Will Rogers TNPK Plaza Rehabilitation

Owner: Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

System: Epoxy Injection, Post-Tension Repairs, Concrete Repair & Replace, Joint Sealant, Protective Coatings

Completed: 2014

This plaza was being restored and during the demolition phase of the general contractors work they discovered some structural repairs that were needed. CSC was called in to help assess the situation. The abutments had cracks that were repaired with high pressure epoxy injection. The arches had failed joint sealant that was replaced at the footings. Upon examination of the cantilevers, we noticed the concrete had severe deterioration and we discovered that there were post-tension rods (a system that is no longer used). With fear of losing tension on the rods, because of the excessive spalled concrete, we systematically had to repair the concrete while installing new post-tension cables to the cantilever sections. Once the concrete & post-tension repairs were completed a protective coating/topping was applied to aid against the elements.