ODOT BNSF Railroad Impact Damage Repair


Owner: Oklahoma Department of Transportation
System: Dry Shotcrete, FRP, and Protective Coating
Complete: 2015

Bridge columns on a project in Tulsa County were damaged when a train derailed and one of the box cars made impact with the bridge.  CSC removed the existing fiber reinforced polymer material, prepared the substrate by mechanical means and repaired the spall locations with a prepackaged mortar applied via a dry shotcrete method. Once those repairs were made, an FRP material was again applied to the column/pier locations.  Upon completion, a coating was applied to aid against the elements.  Note: the FRP material originally in place prior to the repair on this project was also applied by CSC due to damage from an impact; not long after this round of repairs was complete, the bridge was struck again, leading to the repair of this bridge at the same location for a third time.