Will Rogers Turnpike - Plaza Rehabilitation

Special Projects

Owner: Oklahoma Turnpike Authority
System: Epoxy Injection, Post-Tension Repairs, Concrete Repair/Replace, Joint Sealant, and Protective Coatings
Completed: 2014

During a small portion of demolition taking place prior to commencement of the restoration of the turnpike plaza, the general contractor uncovered some areas where it appeared that structural repairs might be needed. CSC was contacted to help assess the areas. Upon examination of the cantilevers within the arch, severe deterioration of the concrete was noted.  Moreover, it was discovered that post-tension rods were previously installed (a system that is now obsolete). There was great concern about losing tension on the rods due to the excessive amount of spalled concrete.  Therefore, CSC had to systematically repair the concrete while installing new post-tension cables to the cantilever sections. Once the concrete and post-tension repairs were complete, a protective coating/topping was applied to aid against the elements.